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Take Center Stage with Trade Show Booths and Sales Displays

With tighter B2B trade show budgets and fewer resources, companies are sending key staff to trade shows and industry events with more authority to purchase and close deals. And, consumers are indicating a preference to buying on the spot at local events and exhibitions. What does this mean to you as an exhibitor at a consumer show or business trade show? The most effective booths and displays draw people in and make it easy for you to capture interest and share your story. What Type of Display is Right for You?

  • A table top display or a pop-up (also called a pull-up) display
  • A modular or hybrid display
  • A fully customized exhibit space that can create an entirely new space within your exhibit area, with walls, meeting rooms, hospitality suites and lounges built into the temporary space.

Make your next event a great event. Talk to us today about your booth or display needs.

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