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Insty-Prints Butte offers customized calendars printing solutions that are the perfect promotional item for professionals and small- to mid-sized businesses. Calendars have long been used to build name recognition for real estate agents, insurance agents, lawyers and others looking for a cost-effective way to build brand awareness. The best thing about using branded custom calendars is that they are useful all year long, meaning your prospects and clients will have an ongoing reminder of your brand.

If your business is looking for a unique way to build its brand and grow customer awareness, a calendar is the way to go. Calendars are something everyone likes to receive and, in most cases, keep as well. A study by Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) found that 62% of consumers own a promotional calendar and they are kept on average for a year or more.

Bulk Custom Calendar Applications

If you print calendars for your company, you will have a variety of ways that you can use them to increase brand awareness.

  • Direct Mail Campaigns

  • Client Thank You Gifts

  • Trade Show Giveaways

  • Sales Visit Leave Behinds

  • End-of-Year Gifts

Whether you have an idea of what you want the calendar to look like or need help figuring out the best presentation for your brand, our team can help. Contact Insty-Prints Butte today to get a custom calendar printing quote for your project.

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