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A point of purchase (POP) display, sometimes referred to as point-of-purchase advertising, is a custom piece of marketing used to advertise and promote merchandise close to the area where customers pay for their products, often referred to as the point of sales (POS). The goal of point of purchase marketing is to highlight a product, draw the attention of customers, make merchandise readily available, and ultimately help increase sales.

POP displays are very popular in the retail industry; research found as much as 70% of customers decide to make a purchase when they are in a store. Use our POP displays as secondary or off-shelf solutions to enhance your brand and win over customers as they get ready to check out by strategically placing your products in custom displays near cash registers and checkout counters, or even self-service kiosks.

At Insty-Prints, we have experience designing all kinds of POP displays. Your display can be as simple or as elaborate as you need it. Take center stage with our colorful, eye-catching, and effective POP displays that include attractive retractable banners, pop-up banners, pop-up displays, tabletop displays, display stands, retail displays and more.

Rely on Insty-Prints for:

  • Temporary point of purchase displays: These types of displays are made of less durable materials, which makes them more affordable. They are often used for seasonal promotions. Examples of these POP displays include temporary event signs, yard signs, banners, and more
  • Semi-permanent point of purchase displays: These displays are meant to last for several months, but unlike permanent displays, they are easy to assemble and move around as needed. These POP displays include permanent stands that have the option to swap out signage or posters depending on the duration of the offer.
  • Permanent point of purchase displays: These displays are typically made of more durable materials to expand their life span. Although they require a little bigger investment, these displays are meant to have a longer life span and can sometimes be used in place of tradeshow and display signage.

Let our team help you create excitement around your promotions, grab the attention of customers when they reach the point of sale, and increase your brand's competitive edge with our custom point of purchase display solutions.

Make the most of every opportunity and maximize your sales with a personalized Point-of-purchase (POP) display. Contact us today!

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