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Ensure that people think of your business every time they take a phone message, write out a grocery list, jot down a reminder or write some other kind of note. Personalized notepads from Insty-Prints St. Paul - 7th Street will do the trick!

Even in the digital age, there is still high value placed on handwritten notes. Because it is so rare for people to write notes in today’s times, a handwritten note appearing in someone’s mailbox or landing on their desk is sure to stand out. Now, not only did the person who wrote the note take notice of your brand once more, but the person receiving the note will be exposed to your brand as well.

Make your business unforgettable with unique custom notepads. These are useful tokens to give to prospective customers or clients at a trade show, as a promotional item to thank customers for their patronage or as an appreciation gift for employees. Every time a potential or current customer uses custom sticky notepads they will be reminded of your company. Furthermore, when an employee uses the notepad to jot something down for someone outside of your organization, your brand gets more exposure.

Fully Customizable Business Notepads

Customize your personalized notepads from Insty-Prints in a myriad of ways. Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes, personalize them with logos and slogans, print them on simple, inexpensive paper or higher-quality paper and print them using your choice of colors, fonts and graphics. Additionally, you can utilize variable data printing to print smaller, customized batches of notepads while still keeping costs low.

Consider unique customization options for your notepads such as:

  • A graphic copy of your signature printed on each page

  • Boxes printed on the left side of the pages to write to-do items next to

  • Company information such as phone numbers, email addresses, and social media handles

  • Lines printed on each page to guide the note writer’s hand

  • Pre-made grocery lists and to-do lists where items can be checked off

Explore Ways to Deliver and Distribute Notepads

While printing notepads and knowing that your brand is correctly represented is a great feeling for marketers and small business owners alike, it presents the question – what are the best ways to distribute them once they are printed?

  • Target prospects with a dimensional mailer campaign including your branded notepad and informational piece.

  • Use as a thank you gift or leave behind when you’re out visiting clients.

  • Personalized notepads imprinted with the recipient’s name can be used for year-end gifts.

  • Notepads can be included in gift baskets along with other promotional items to use as donations for events.

  • Use them in correlation with a motivational quote or a quick thank you note for donors and employees working remotely. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating your notepads or designing ways to make them useful to recipients.

Contact Insty-Prints St. Paul - 7th Street today to discuss your options for custom, personalized business notepads and more.

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