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There’s a list for that while digital is the new frontier, direct mail marketing remains the tried and true. With so much competing for our attention, multi-channel marketing is the most effective way to engage today’s consumers. Insty-Prints is your local, one-stop provider for direct mailing services from initial mailer design and copywriting, printing and list fulfillment, right on through to the actual mailing of your campaign.

In our 50 years of industry experience, we know the ins and outs of postal regulations that otherwise can delay or add costs to your mailings. Our direct mail services include processing your first-class, standard and nonprofit mailings and returning all discounts to you and certifying accurate delivery. Insty-Prints can help you design those invitations for that upcoming event and ensure that they are delivered on time to your intended audience. Perhaps you want to send postcards to homes that have pets within a three-mile radius of your new pet supplies store? Insty-Prints can help with that. Your local Insty-Prints team knows that direct mail campaigns are only as good as your mailing lists. We have access to thousands of micro-targeted lists that eliminate expense and waste. We want to make sure that your message reaches those that are most likely to want what you offer.

We can even show you how to reach all your potential customers in any area without the cost of renting a list. Every Door Direct Mail from the U.S. Postal Service® allows you to target specific geographic areas for deep local coverage, with discounted mailing rates. It’s a great solution when your marketing message has broad appeal to your local market. Plus, in true multi-channel fashion, we know how to integrate direct mail with digital components including QR codes and online personalized URLs (landing pages). All of which engage your recipients and increase response rates. Locate your Insty-Prints center today.


We like to share our learnings with you. The collaboration that results is where the magic happens.

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