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Whether you need a simple owner’s or instruction manual, a full-color product catalog, a magazine-style document or some other binding of a multi-page publication, Insty-Prints Austin can provide you with professional booklet printing and binding services. Our experts offer guidance for every step of the booklet creation process, from choosing paper and cover stocks to selecting binding options and more.

Showcase your brand’s professionalism with custom-made booklets that are great for conveying your brand's story, sharing important training information or providing detailed product information. Printed booklets keep employee training consistent by containing all your rules in one resource. They're also excellent for medical practices or any organization that needs to distribute in-depth information.

Customize Your Booklet Design

Different booklets are used for different things, and their intended use should be considered when designing them. A booklet that needs to lie flat without the user holding it open, such as an instruction manual, is best bound with coil binding. When you want a cleaner, minimalist look, saddle stitch binding is accomplished by inserting staples into the spine, holding the pages securely in place and making the booklet easy to store alongside other books on a shelf.

Booklets can also be used at trade shows or client meetings to share information about your business in a polished and memorable way. The durable and attractive format makes it more likely that potential clients or customers will hold on to the publication for a longer period of time, or even pass it along to other people who may be interested in your business.

Insty-Prints provides you with all of the assistance that you require when it comes to creating and printing your booklets. From graphic design for the cover and inside pages to copywriting, collating and printing the final product, you can count on us for full-service booklet printing and development services.

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